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Conference for Women Speakers

Our exceptional lineup at this year's Conference for Women includes several inspirational leaders who are poised to ignite your passion, empower your potential, and equip you with actionable insights for personal and professional growth. Our esteemed speakers are trailblazers in their respective fields, embodying resilience, innovation, and leadership.


Through their diverse experiences and expertise, they will inspire you with their compelling stories, ignite the flames of your ambition, and demonstrate that success knows no boundaries. Get ready to be inspired, empowered, and armed with actionable items for personal and professional growth!

Keynote Speaker at the Conference for Women in Central PA 2019
Breakout Sessino speaker during the Conference for Women 2022
Dawn Sizer Headshot

Dawn Sizer

3rd Element Consulting, Inc. | CEO


Phil Hess Headshot

Phil Hess

Upward Career Counseling | CEO

Former Fortune 500 Executive

Susan Ewing-Rathfon Headshot

Susan Ewing-Rathfon

Crescent Strategy, LLC | CMO

Mrs. Pennsylvania American

Christine Knapp Headshot

Christine Knapp

Coaching with Christine | CEO

Linda Johnston Headshot

Linda Johnston

Renewal by Andersen Central Pennsylvania | General Manager

Shannon Claire HeadShot

Shannon Claire

Content Creator's Collective | Owner

Dawn Sizer Headshot

Unleashing the Potential of AI in Business

with Dawn Sizer

Embark on a journey to revolutionize your business practices, enhance efficiency, and unveil unprecedented opportunities with the transformative capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Discover real-world applications and delve into the strategies that can catapult your business into the future.

Join us to explore compelling use cases, gaining firsthand insights into implementing AI strategies that work. Dawn will not only demystify AI but also provide invaluable knowledge on crafting policies, understanding security nuances, and navigating the ethical landscape.

In this session, learn how to harness AI to fuel growth, elevate customer experiences, and outpace your competitors. Don't miss this chance to embrace the extraordinary power of AI and lead your business into a new era of innovation and success!

Susan Ewing-Rathfon Headshot

Tips, Tactics & Tiaras: Mrs. Pennsylvania American Spills the Royal-Tea for Growing Your Personal Brand 

with Susan Ewing-Rathfon

Join Crescent Strategy, CMO & Mrs. Pennsylvania American, Susan Ewing-Rathfon as she shares tips to boost your engagement and social media presence, tactics for pitching media, and how to use your uniqueness to define your personal brand. Susan is an award-winning digital engagement professional, conference presenter, and trainer with 15 years of success in analyzing data-driven marketing insights to inform organizational decision-making and developing customized strategies and tactics to amplify corporate ROI. She will share how she has used her social media platform to amplify her professional and pageant messages, grow audiences across her social media channels, and how you can, too!


Learn from Susan's extensive experience with strategic social media marketing, organic and paid digital campaigns, SEO, SEM, community building, and public outreach in traditional and online environments. If you want to win that marketing crown, attend this presentation fit for a queen!

Linda Johnston Headshot


with Linda Johnston

Do you tackle challenges at work and in your community with the fearless spirit of a true leader? Ever wondered how to harness your unique "Superpowers" to successfully conquer your day? Are you on the hunt for the magic to EMPOWER your colleagues or team members?


Join us for an engaging, interactive, and empowering session that promises to transform YOU into the most confident version of yourself. Discover the art of maximizing YOUR connections, embracing your individual strengths, and understanding how culture can BUILD unwavering commitment, thriving communities, and unparalleled success. 


Get ready to embrace your potential, navigate challenges, and emerge as the fearless, empowered leader you were always meant to be. Together, let’s redefine what it means to take risks “LIKE A BOSS” and create a future where confidence, connection, and community reign supreme.

Phil Hess Headshot

Ask Me Anything

with Phil Hess

Embark on an incredible journey with Phil Hess, a seasoned turnaround specialist with nearly four decades of executive experience in Fortune 500 companies. Join him for an exclusive "Ask Me Anything" session that offers invaluable insights applicable to job interviews, promotions, and life's big events. 


Phil's expertise unveils a unique and profoundly insightful approach, providing you with the skills to navigate interviews effortlessly and assertively. Imagine mastering the art of interview success, all while minimizing stress and taking charge of every moment. This session equips you with the confidence to handle life's most challenging situations, be it significant life events, changing circumstances, pivotal career moments, or nerve-wracking interviews. 


Learn the art of articulating your ideas effectively, whether it's in an interview setting or while advocating for that well-deserved promotion. With Phil's guidance, you'll emerge not just confident but extraordinarily so, ready to engage with the world knowing you've given your absolute best.

Christine Knapp Headshot

Master the Secrets to Harmonizing your High-Impact Career with Every Facet of your Life

with Christine Knapp

Join us for a transformative session where you’ll dive into neuroscience-backed strategies designed to seamlessly integrate your high-impact career with every facet of your life. Discover the secrets to aligning your professional journey with your personal aspirations.

This enlightening session will guide you through a holistic toolkit, exploring essential topics such as clarifying your core values, breaking free from the clutches of perfectionism, mastering the art of delegation, and building unparalleled resilience. Say goodbye to burnout and imbalance as you step into a life where career success harmoniously coexists with personal enrichment.

Prepare to leave with a newfound sense of purpose and the tools to craft a fulfilling, well-rounded life. Embrace the balance you deserve and experience a life where your career thrives alongside your personal happiness. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your approach and achieve true life harmony!

Shannon Claire Headshot

Manifest the Life and Business You Truly Desire by Becoming the Wwoman of Your Dreams 

with Shannon Claire

"Truth time… You just want to make a lot of money, doing what you love, while not sacrificing your time, relationships, and sanity! Buuuut… right now things may feel a bit overwhelming in life and underwhelming in biz. You’ve lost that *sparkle* and excitement you felt when you were birthing your business baby because you are stuck spinning your wheels, carrying the invisible workload in your home (while feeling under-appreciated), and doing #allthethings we, as women tend to do. AND TO THAT I SAY…. No more! NOW is the time to hit refresh and reignite your passion for your life and business.


Create an unstoppable, million-dollar mindset that will help you work through any adverse circumstance life brings your way, so that your business isn’t constantly derailed, and you can show up like the badass boss that you are (This is THE KEY to continually creating financial expansions year after year) An actual plan (that will work!) to create harmony between your life and business so your kids and your partner don’t feel neglected, and you can feel peace and accomplishment in all that you do. Finding the blind spots in your life that are sucking away your energy, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and dropping balls in your life and business.


Learn my proven methods for fully becoming and embodying your Next Level Self. I teach you my unique way of becoming the woman of your dreams so you can accomplish the audacious vision you’ve longed to achieve."

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