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Our Awards Luncheon Celebrates Leaders in Central PA! 

Join us for The Conference for Women Awards Luncheon, a gathering open to both men and women, where we celebrate and recognize outstanding women and businesses in our community. The event features awards for community outreach, business leadership, mentorship, lifetime achievement, advocacy for gender equality, and exceptional businesses driving community growth and economic development.


Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate the remarkable contributions of these individuals and companies who have made a lasting impact in our community.

Audience at the Conference for Women Awards Luncheon in Central PA
Celebrity presenter with awards recipient at The Conference for Women Awards Luncheon

Lifetime Achievement

The recipient of this award is a woman who builds long-term business success, with strong community involvement and is adaptable in the changing business environment. She is innovative in her business strategy and recognized as a business leader.

Goodwill Ambassador

The recipient of this award is a woman who is focused on community outreach, business and personal philanthropy efforts, who demonstrates leadership characteristics in our community with proven results.

Leadership in Diversity

The recipient of this award is a business leader who excels in the pursuit of cultural diversity and inclusion in the community or workplace.  She contributes to and enhances the environment through a sustained commitment to improve opportunities for Central PA. She is a leader who is dedicated to raising issues of diversity and inclusion and protecting civil and human rights.

Business of the Year

This award recognizes a business who demonstrates a positive company culture, employee development, and job growth. They focus on using their business to grow their community via sponsorship, volunteerism, and community involvement. They are a leader in their industry who contributes to economic growth and providing value for residents living and working in Central PA.

Agate Award

Agate is the stone of strength and courage. This award is presented to the man who has demonstrated exceptional effort that have helped advance women in business. He is a champion for gender equality with a track record of investing in and supporting women in our community.

Care To Share

The recipient of this award is a woman who shares her expertise to help others develop and grow. She creates a lasting and beneficial impact on business owners, leaders, and rising stars.

Nominations Are Closed!

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